10 Common Kitchen Problems To Fix As Soon As Possible

The kitchen is considered the heart of every home. While a clean and organized kitchen is simply inviting, even the smallest problems, be it smelly garbage, a clogged drain, or a leaky faucet, can make it less attractive. Having these issues fixed as soon as possible is on the only way to return normalcy to your kitchen. Outlined below are the 10 most common kitchen problems and how to handle them.

  1. A stinking fridge: A stinky fridge is a major turnoff. Getting rid of rotting food, and wiping the shelves clean with warm soapy water, and placing a plate of baking soda in the fridge help solve this issue.
  2. A dripping kitchen sink: This may be due to a loose connection that needs fixing. Identify the problem area, then grab a wrench to tighten the connections. You might also have to unclog the drain to get everything moving again.
  3. A clogged sink sprayer: This is nothing new in many kitchens. A quick fix for this would be to soak the sprayer head in a warm water-vinegar solution for at least 20 minutes, then scrub. This should solve the issue.
  4. A dirty countertop: Wiping the countertop with vinegar solution provides a quick fix.
  5. A wobbly cabinet door: Unscrew the door, fill the holes with wood glue and toothpicks, then leave it dry. You can reinstall the door again once the glue is dry.
  6. A freezer over-run with ice: There are times when you will notice ice forming at the back of the fridge. A quick fix for this would be to place boiling water into the drain to allow the ice to melt away.
  7. Limescale on the kettle: This can affect the taste of your tea significantly. Place a solution of vinegar in the kettle, let it rest for a few minutes, then switch the kettle on. The boiling water and vinegar should help dissolve the lime.
  8. A smelly dishwasher: It only takes a couple of days, or a week for the dishwasher to start producing a weird smell. A quick fix for this would be putting a heap of rock salt in the dishwasher, then run it on an intensive cycle with no dishes in it.
  9. Microwave not heating up: This could be a magnetron or other faulty mechanism problem. You might want to have the defective part or the entire unit replaced.
  10. Electric cooktop not working: The most common problem might be a burned fuse, child lock, or a broken contact. Have a certified electrician diagnose and repair the system.

If you have a grease trap installed in your kitchen, clean it from a pro or to a grease trap pumping service.

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