A Quick Look On How To Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean

It is no secret that running a restaurant kitchen is challenging and one of the main difficulties is keeping it clean. After all, your chefs and kitchen staff usually spend many hours cooking which will lead to lots of food stains, food waste, spills and more on an hourly basis. However, you need to keep your restaurant kitchen clean for food safety as well as to ensure you keep on getting customers. A dirty kitchen will quickly attract negative attention and absolutely kill your business before you know it.

One of the most important aspects of a clean kitchen is a clean floor. As a result, the floor needs to be swept and mopped on a daily basis and depending on how much you use the kitchen, even more times during the day. However, when there are grease spills, it is important that this is dealt with before mopping since mopping will simply move the grease around and not get rid of it. There are certain grease removing detergents that you can use to remove the grease and you should definitely look for the commercial-grade types.

Next, there are certain cleaning tasks that need to be done daily such as cleaning the sinks, wiping down the walls, cleaning the surfaces where you prep food, cleaning and wiping appliances that you use often such as the toaster and microwave, cleaning the grill and fryer, cleaning the sinks etc. There are also certain cleaning tasks that can be done on a weekly basis such as cleaning the freezer and fridges, deep cleaning the oven, deep cleaning your deep fryer etc.

There are many more components of cleaning your restaurant kitchen and it is best that you create a checklist of all the things you use and how often they need to be cleaned. This will help you and your staff to stay organized and they can simply check off specific cleaning tasks as they complete them. By staying organized you will not only make your life easier but ensure that your restaurant kitchen is always spotless. You can also install a grease trap from a grease trap cleaning service to keep your kitchen grease-free and oil-free.

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