Day: March 13, 2020


Our Checklist For A Trouble-Free Home

The home should be a place to relax and enjoy yourself, but sometimes life gets in the way and has other plans. Follow this quick checklist to avoid some of the worst pitfalls in the home.

Adequate Shelving

Whether it is food, clothing, cleaning products, or tools, we all need to store a lot of items in our homes. Take the time to put in adequate shelving and stock the shelves so you can quickly deal with anything life throws at you.

Checked Pipes

You should check your pipes at least twice a year and make sure to change out any leaking seals. Cleaning them should be done regularly as well. Well maintained pipes rarely burst, meaning you are likely to avoid one of the biggest home owning pitfalls.

Check Waterproofing

Water is one of the biggest damage causers in homes. Whether it is from leaking fixtures, unsealed areas of the home, or damaged siding, water needs to be kept out to keep your home safe and warm.

Have A Plan

Always have a plan for how to get out, where important items are stored, how you are going to use rooms, and who should be called in an emergency. Have a copy of this plan ready on your fridge so anyone taking care of your home and members of your family can refresh themselves in the event of an emergency.

Don’t Leave Electronics On

Another huge cause of trouble for homes is fires and the majority of them start from electronics. It’s tempting to change things overnight, leave items plugged in, and generally make life more convenient for ourselves. However, resisting this temptation will make your home safer. Always use surge protectors, plug everything you can directly into the wall, and leave nothing plugged in or turned on overnight or while you are away.

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Smart And Modern Home Renovation

Renovating your home is all about creating a vision and then following through with it. This can take a bit of time to master but it’s one of those decisions that’s going to reap dividends for a long time to come.

For those aiming to pursue a smart and modern home renovation, it’s time to recognize what works and what doesn’t.

Consider High-Traffic Areas

Where are you going to be spending most of your time?

This often is the kitchen and that is where a good amount of your budget should go. You can also spend money in the living room as that is another high-traffic area.

The goal is to avoid spending it on areas that are rarely visited during the day or by your guests.

Work on the Doors

The doors often create a strong first impression and this is never a bad place to start from when it is time to plan for a home renovation project.

Don’t Ignore the Paint

Yes, the paint on the walls is going to cover a tremendous amount of area and it is something you have to think about. Otherwise, there is going to come to the point when everything else looks amazing but the paint is aged. The beauty of painting the walls is how it is going to improve everything else in the home right away. It is all about what a person’s eye sees as soon as they walk into a room and that’s what this type of renovation project will offer.

Another is resurfacing your pool. When your pool is old then it needs to resurface or paint. Call a reliable swimming pool resurfacing contractor to do it.

Lastly is installing a grease trap in your kitchen. It is not necessary but it can help you with grease problems.

These are the key details to think about before coming up with a strategy for your home. Each situation is unique and that is why you have to plan with your home in mind. This can shed light on what will work and what should be avoided at all costs.


Safe Summer House Repairs

When the weather starts getting warm, it is important to check that your home is functioning properly. Making small repairs can ensure the house stays in great condition for longer. Here are 10 safe Summer house repairs.

The roof can become damaged especially if there was heavy snowfall. It is important to ensure that it is checked for damage or missing roofing materials. If your roofing material is damaged, get it repaired right away. Call roofing Maui they are professional in any roofing project.

It may rain on those hot summer nights. This is why gutters are important. You do not want excess water on the roof. Clean all the debris to ensure that rainwater flows down.

A fresh coat always looks good on any wall. Get some paint and get the walls and doors looking new again.

If your patio is old you can get a contractor to do some repairs. You can go for a different and newer design for the place. You can include new features that make it better as well.

Air Conditioner
If your AC is not working properly, make sure it’s repaired. You can try to repair it yourself if the damage is minor but do not risk it if the issue seems more complicated, call an ac service to repair it.

Replacing Old Ceilings
If your house is older you may need to replace the ceiling especially if it’s stained. Most times bats infest the ceiling and leave guano which causes stains. You can choose to repaint the ceiling if the stains are not too much.

Refinish your tub and clean the sink and tiles in your bathroom. If there are any broken tiles, have them replaced.

In addition to these, you can clean up the attic and create more space. You can also renovate your kitchen for instance, if your cabinets and countertops are old, replacing them will be an ideal project.

Another is resurfacing your pool. When a pool gets older and will having a crack as time goes by. You need to resurface it. Call a pro to handle your pool. You may also call pool plastering palm desert they are professional in that field.